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Company Registrations

Includes; PTY company, free Tax Number, 2 share certificates and free B-BBEE Affidavit

Company Amendments

Removal or adding directors, address change, Financial year-end change and other company/ close corporation changes

CIPC Annual Return Submission

All companies are required by law to file their annual returns with CIPC on the registration anniversary-month yearly.

Non-Profit Company


Probity Review

COID and Letter of Good Standing

Includes: COID (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases) registration and letter of good standing.

*First time Applicant only.

CIDB Registrations

We assist with entry-level grade 1 CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) for all construction companies in South Africa.

Copyrights Registrations

Trademark Registrations
Patent Registrations
Design Registrations


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Through our specialist we consult with your company on a monthly basis to ensure that the decisions you are constantly making toward your company’s transformation are the right ones.

Consulting Services includes

B-BBEE Strategy plan formulation and implementation. Target setting based on the financial figures of the entity in light of the desired level to provide a cost effective budget and implementation plan.
Tracking of the score card to provide real time updates and indication of any changes that may negatively impact the desired level and present to the measured entity during a monthly consultation meeting
Information sessions where amendments to legislation occur and impact analysis in light of implementation plans and desired levels
Gap analysis of the Measured Entity’s previous BBBEE scorecard in comparison to the desired level.

Preferential Procurement Analysis We ensure that the B-BBEE certificate and score received is based on credible verification measurements, is in-line with your investment and that all documentation and evidence provided is complete and accurate.

Monthly consulting services is the perfect solution to work towards a goal for your annual verification and committed transformation. Results are proven instantly, we are always dedicated and committed to help manage your B-BBEE Compliance hassle-free. You can email us for more information.


Having a valid B-BBEE certificate will create various benefits for your entity such as working in partnership with government sectors (including municipalities) and public entities, as well as giving your company a competitive advantage in the private sector. B-BBEE Certificate has beyond doubt become an important component of doing business in South Africa.

What is B-BBEE verification? It is an independent audit process aimed at verifying and validating the B-BBEE status of an entity.

With our dedicated team at Beyond Compliance we assist with the maximum satisfaction and compliance for your entity to prepare for an independent Audit (SANAS).

Our Verification Services includes: File Preparation and Gap analysis:

Collect documents and information pertaining to the indicators where points can be scored;

Conduct an analysis of the Measured Entity’s previous BBBEE scorecard in comparison to the desired level;

Calculation of the preliminary score based on the information submitted and offer cost effective and implementation plan for the Gaps identified in light of the desired level prior to the engagement with a SANAS verification agency;

Assist with the verification process - Completion of verification documentation and all dealings with the Verification Agency on behalf of the Measured Entity.

Upon engagement with the verification agency we will be present during the kick-off meeting and site visit for the SANAS B-BBEE Audit. We will assist you throughout the verification process with the submission and handle all communication with the agency

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