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Employment Equity & Skills Development

Employment Equity Services

Are you a designated employer? If you employ more than 50 people and/or have an annual turnover that meets or exceeds the level stated in Schedule 4 of the Employment Equity Act, you are required to develop an equity plan and submit an annual report against how the plan is progressing. Our range of services includes an Employment Equity Plan, the establishment of your EE committee and relevant structures, assisting with EE committee meetings, adherence to general procedures, preparation and submission of annual Employment Equity Act Reports (EEA2) as required by Department of Labour. Compiling and maintenance of the Employment Equity file as well as representing the employer during the Department of Labour’s audits.

Skills Development Facilitation Services

In terms of the Skills Development Levies Act, all organisations in South Africa with a payroll in excess of R500 000 per annum must pay a 1% Skills Development Levy on their payroll. Your business can claim back some of the Skills Development Levy and potentially receive various financial grants from your SETA, if you have paid the SDL and you provide approved training (internal/external) to employees that is aligned with pivotal skills An annual training report (ATR) and Work Skills Plan (WSP) must be submitted to Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) , The ATR includes training that took place within your company over the past 12 months, and which employees received training and the WSP advises the SETA of the training you plan to provide to your employees in the next 12 months, based on your operational requirements, and the industry in which you operate. Our Consultants can assist and ensure that your company’s skills processes and compliance are effectively managed.